A 24-year-old Upper Brynaman man died after taking two tablets of MDMA at a party, an inquest has heard.

Lewis Stephen Box had been to a party on August 13 when he took the pills.

At around 5.30am the following morning, he returned to his mum’s house, where he told her and his step-father he was feeling unwell.

While at the house, Mr Box began shaking uncontrollably and confessed he had taken two ‘E’ tablets at the party.

His mother and step-father put him to bed and continued checking on him throughout the night.

However, on one visit to his room, they found him unresponsive and not breathing, an inquest at Llanelli Town Hall was told.

Emergency services were called, but Mr Box was pronounced dead at the property.

The former Ysgol Dyffryn Aman pupil was found to have a fatal concentration of MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy, in his blood.

A toxicology report found insignificant levels of alcohol in his blood, along with the metabolic breakdowns of amphetamine, methamphetamine and cannabinoids and the concentration of MDMA.

Carmarthenshire Coroner Mark Layton told the inquest that Mr Box had used several drugs but the two tablets of MDMA had proved fatal.

Mr Box’s death was concluded as drug-related.

The inquest heard Mr Box’s parents had split up when he was very young but he had regular contact with his dad.

After leaving school with no qualifications, The court heard that after leaving school, Mr Box had held a variety of jobs in factories, as a car valet, and most recently at a forestry yard with a family friend.

His family described him as a very happy boy with many friends.

They said he was always laughing and making others laugh.