AN ANIMAL lover from Tycroes is urging for people to sign a petition so all dogs must be on a lead in a public place following the death of her late father’s pet dog.

On September 12, Dawn Morgan’s son was walking the family’s 13-year-old Corgi and it was attacked by a roaming dog.

The Corgi was left in a bath of blood with puncture wounds to the shoulder blades and the stomach.

Dawn said: “A few days after the incident, our Corgi become increasingly distressed and his breathing become rapid.

“We took him to the vets but they failed to save our cherished pet.”

The incident was logged with the police by the family and to witnesses of the attack.

When researching to create a petition to take action in memory of the beloved pet, Dawn was disheartened to learn that dog wardens did not work weekends or evenings in Carmarthenshire.

In response to the dog warden hours, Cllr Philip Hughes, executive board member for public protection, said: “Officers have visited the owner and advised on the laws relating to straying dogs and on ways to ensure the dog does not escape from the property.

“A warning letter has also been issued and we are carrying out extra patrols in the area.

“The council cannot currently provide an out of hours warden service, but we work in partnership with police and out of hours kennels to deal with stray dogs during evenings and weekends.

“When dogs are considered dangerously out of control in a public place, or when someone is in fear of a dog attack, the police take the lead and deal with the case under dangerous dogs legislation.”

Dawn submitted a petition application to Parliament with help from Councillor Tina Higgins which was rejected due to a similar petition which is already in circulation.

“I am now urging residents to sign the petition to change the law so that all dogs have to be on a lead in public areas,” she said.

“In the future I may go further to change legislation on dog on dog attacks, but now I want this petition to reach 10,000 signatures so it can be acknowledged by the Government.

The petition can be signed by visiting