A COUPLE have been left breathing a huge sigh of relief this week after their beloved dog was found, thanks to a huge rescue effort.

The ‘desperate’ couple were appealing for help after their 12-year old pooch bolted when she heard fireworks. 

Summer went missing from her garden in Cwmllynfell on November 3.

Judy and Mark Weymouth have had her since she was just two months old and the beloved pup was recently a bridesmaid at the couple’s wedding in May. 

South Wales Guardian:

Thanks to a huge rescue effort and a social media campaign, Summer was found on Saturday, more than a week after she went missing. 

Judy Weymouth said: “To say we are over the moon is an understatement.

“We cannot thank everyone enough for all the support and help we have received over the worst eight days of our lives. 

“Every single person, even the local postmen, have helped and have known about our frantic search.

“We received a call on Saturday morning.

“They told us a dog like Summer had been found 

“She was only round the corner after all this time, and had not barked or whimpered but had stayed frightened under an elevated deck in an empty house’s garden, unable to get back out. 

“We are not sure how she managed to survive or what she has eaten but she is incredibly well despite her horrific ordeal. 

South Wales Guardian:

“We are overjoyed but we are exhausted.

“Summer really is a miracle dog we have no idea how she survived so long in the cold and wet. 

“She is happily curled up in her bed and is very tired.” 

“The whole community has come together to support us in Cwmllynfell and around the local area.

“The support has been tremendous. We honestly cannot thank everyone enough.”

Now, the newlyweds have transformed their social media campaign into Summer’s Amman Valley Dogs; a mission to reunite other lost pooches with their owners.

They have already reunited another dog, a Border Collie named Katie, with her owners in Brynaman.

She also bolted when she heard fireworks.