After over 24 years’ service, PC Sharon Davies has hung up her handcuffs for good as she creeps up to the compulsory retirement age.

“I still feel as if I had another couple of years left in me,” said Sharon, who turns 60 next month.

The Ammanford-based officer, known to colleagues as ‘Shaz Fach’, wasn’t able to join the police force until 1993 when the government adjusted the height restrictions.

“I always wanted to be a police woman, but I was too short being only five foot,” she said.

“I pretty much applied straight away when the law changed and I started my service Carmarthen before moving Ammanford station around 17 years ago.

“I loved being on the beat, out and about chatting to members of the public.”

Over the last two decades, Sharon has been involved in several projects and even went on a year-long peace mission to Bosnia in 2003.

“I remember watching it on TV and I thought there must be a way we can help them,” she said.

“I went out to Bosnia alongside 27 other European countries and it was an amazing experience.

“It was one of the main highlights of my career.”

More recently the PC was part of a involving Paul’s Pledge, where Paul Pugh visits organisations to give a presentation about alcohol-fuelled violence following his attack in 2007.

“I was asked in March 2016 if I would like to be the patrol officer as part of Paul’s Pledge, and I continued the role until I finished last week,” Sharon said.

“The project has been supported immensely and now visits the whole of Wales to raise awareness.”

When discussing the biggest change during her time with the force, Sharon didn’t hesitate.

“Technology. I much preferred going out with a notebook and pen compared to being in the office on the computer,” she said.