A Tairgwaith poet has signed up for her biggest challenge to date in memory of her two friends.

Emily Hinshelwood is setting off on a 22-mile swim around the Pembrokeshire coast from Amroth to Freshwater East finishing back at Swanlake Bay on August 1 to raise funds for Unity in Diversity (UiD) and Swansea Bay Asylum Seekers Support Group (SBASSG) which provide friendship, support, advice and services to people who have fled their homes and are seeking refuge in the UK.

“This swim is a big deal for me as I’ll be swimming round all the tricky headlands and rocky outcrops, through Caldey Sound and past military artillery zones. And the Pembrokeshire sea is swarming with jellyfish at the moment,” said Emily.

“But I’m spurred on by the great work of UiD and SBASSG, and from the ongoing inspiration from Rache Dougherty, my closest childhood friend, and Russ Ward whose positivity and encouragement are still great drivers in my life.”

This is not the first time the poet has raised money for an organisation close to her heart.

Emily said: “Last September I swam a channel relay to raise money for Aspire - motivated by the courage and stamina of my friend Rache, who was paralysed by a spinal illness.

“I was coached by my friend Russ, with his weekly torturous swim drills. On the day of the swim it all began well, - the sun shining, the sea calm. But just three miles before we reached France, the waves thrashed and the pilot aborted the swim.

“Three days later, I had the devastating news that Rache had unexpectedly died. The following week, Russ had a sudden heart attack and also died.

"My motivator for three years, coaching me first to swim the Solent and then the Channel. The combination of losing both friends felt like the world had ended.

Emily’s partner Dan will kayak alongside her in the Pembroke swim and he’s hoping to catch fish along the way and cook up fresh mackerel on a fire in the evenings.

Emily is keeping a blog of her progress latest challenge at jellyfishjemboree.co.uk.

If you would like to sponsor the poet visit mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/emilyhinshelwood