A Carmarthenshire author who swapped the Towy Valley for Amman is returning to his roots to take part in a festival.

Haydn Corper served in an intelligence role in the Territorial Army for several years and during this time he was active in UK politics becoming a councillor in Enfield. 

In 1997, he quit the city for green fields and mountains moving back to rural Wales and now has a house in Manordeilo. 

Haydn, who runs a business consultancy in Carmarthenshire, said: “I have always been passionate about history, especially social and military history. I started war-gaming when I was 15, the same age I wrote my first novel.

“I took up re-enacting 20 years ago. I have worn the kit, eaten the food, and fired the weapons just like the characters in my books.”

The Scent of Lilacs is his first novel which explores the hope and despair of five characters in Nazi Berlin during the last two weeks in April 1945. 

The author moved to Jordan two years ago, but he is coming back to Llandeilo to support a local event. 

“I was inspired to write the book by my extensive knowledge of the terrible conflicts that afflicted Europe in my parents’ time, and realising that it could happen again,” he said. 

“We started work in Baghdad so a base in Jordan was sensible. 

“Since moving to Amman I have concentrated more on writing. Jordan is fascinating, welcoming, poor in money but rich in history and rightly proud like Wales. I guess that’s why I love it.

“I have ancestors in the Ammanford area and I was born in Cardiff so I love coming back to Wales.”

Haydn is participating in this year’s Llandeilo Literary Festival, which is taking place across the town from Thursday, April 27 until Sunday, April 30. 

Over 30 authors and publishers will be at the event with some familiar faces and some joining the festival for the very first time. 

The four day programme includes festival readings, discussions, workshops and literary talks which will be taking place at Cawdor Hotel, the Ginhaus Deli, Horeb Chapel, Eve’s Toy Shop and the Angel Inn. A book hunt will also be part of the festivities. 

Authors including Mary Powles, Sarah Jane Butfield, Graham Watkins, Jan Netwon and Carol-Ann Smith will be on hand to discuss their work alongside Haydn. 

Llandeilo Book Fair will also be taking place on April 29 and April 30 as part of the Llandeilo Literary Festival and will be running from 11am until 4pm on both days. 

Tickets for the festival and information on the event programme are available by visiting llandeilolitfest.org/calendar or you can visit the festival social media pages.