Plans for retail space, offices and flats have been submitted to transform the look of Ammanford's former police station and court house.

Carmarthenshire County Council is working with Aspect Developments Ltd who have issued the plans for the key Ammanford gateway site.

The application site consists of two elements. The first is a large now open area where the police station once stood with the second occupied by the former courthouse which remains on site.

The plan says: "The ground floor unit will have a total area of 448m². Its front elevation will face College Street, with the building's main entrance set within it.

"The first floor will be occupied by four residential flats. Three of these will be two bedroom, while the fourth will have a single bedroom and small study. All four units will be accessed via a new pedestrian link and footbridge that will lead from Margaret Street to a shared access area."

The plans go on to say the former courthouse building will be for the purposes of a number of offices. These will be arranged on a single floor and will utilise both the front and rear elements of the building.

In terms of employment it is proposed the retail unit will employ six full time staff and 10 part time staff.

The office element is then envisaged to employ in total 15 full time members of staff.

Concluding it says: "The proposal will deliver actual much needed employment to the town, while the new office space will contribute towards meeting a current deficit in provision in terms of this form of land use. As the accompanying information has demonstrated, neither of these provisions will result in any detriment to the existing town centre and its role, but will in fact benefit and compliment."

The plans will go before Carmarthenshire County Council planners in the coming weeks.