YSTRADOWEN Community Centre has launched a brand new service to help families cut down on their energy bills.

Ystradowen Energy Club, formerly known as the Fuel Club, has been set up with the focus of helping residents save money.

The fully established oil club will now become part of the Energy Club.

Centre volunteer Noreen Williamson said; "We already have a good track record of consistently achiveing savings for our members, as the oil club proves.

"We bulk buy the oil on a monthly basis making significant savings on the price of oil. Ordering through the club is simple and the staff are always on hand should you have any questions."

The area, based in the upper Amman and Swansea Valleys does not have gas and is predominately oil so the oil club was set up for that need, to help families deal with the huge cost of buying in bulk.

Ystradowen Centre Manager Elinor Gilbey said the more people know about the energy saving scheme the better.

"I once had a family come to me because they could not afford to buy a tank full of oil," said Elinor. Once I explained the process she was able to pay into the scheme, which helped her and her family immensely."

The newest energy saving scheme has been set up for all kinds of people from young to old to help them lower their energy bills.

Noreen added: "There are a number of elderly people in the area who have no idea how to compare energy prices, so we invite them to come along to the club and sit them at a computer and go through it step by step.

"They will need to bring their currently electricity bill so we can get them the best deal."

But the centre also expressed that the service is not just for older residents and young people are also welcome.

South Wales Guardian:

"It is a confidence issue with many," added Elinor. There are lots of people who are computer savvy but lack the confidence to research their energy bills. Many have been paying a higher rate for years and are not aware they can reduce their bills."

The new service has already been piloted with individuals saving ranging from £100 to £200 per year.

"This certainly excited us, and just goes to show the savings that can be made if people take advantage of this new service," added Noreen.

Ystradowen Energy Club will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10am to 12 noon.