So the Met Office thinks it more appropriate to replace bad weather with named personifications stalking the land.

A rainstorm now becomes Storm Barney.

It all seems very childish, and like so many authorities it seems that the watchword is now “make them afraid - make them very afraid.”

Not only should we fear getting wet in a bit of rain but we should be scared of going to work in a little bit of fog.

I have news for the weather forecasters: Most cars are fitted with foglights, and they have been for years.

It is a bit different from my schooldays when, during the last of the pea-soupers, buses and lorries were not only invisible but muffled to inaudibility until just a few yards away.

The school crossing patrol collected dozens of us rather than the usual dribs and drabs of twos and threes but got us all across safely.

Rain is only a problem if you live in one of those new homes built on floodplains by cheapo builders.

Mine and my neighbours should be fine, as the estate was built on top of a hill.

A girlfriend bought an old farm a few miles outside Llandovery sand every winter the Towy flowed across the lower fields, but came nowhere near the 200 year-old farmhouse.

So the one thing we should not fear in Wales or England is the weather.

Rather than giving weather systems ridiculous names, the Met Office should just be advising people to buy a warm waterproof coat.