THE attacks in Paris on Friday were despicable and cowardly.

Whatever the culprits’ beliefs, such acts of barbaric slaughter are beyond all justification.

The claim that the attacks were reprisals for French bombing in Syria is as hollow as it is absurd.

This was terrorism in its purest form: a bid to intimidate, to frighten, to leave the man in the street looking over his shoulder.

But even if such acts could terrify the general population into demanding their leaders halt military action, would France – or any other country – be safe from future attacks? The answer is No.

And for that reason we must all be vigilant. But we must also ensure the terrorists fail in their goal.

The people of France have come together, just as they did in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, to say “We are not afraid”.

And we must stand with them. We cannot allow ourselves to be afraid.

Across the globe, the French tricolour has been flown in solidarity. It has lit up government buildings around the world, including here in Wales, at the Senedd on Saturday night.

We at the Guardian offer our solidarity with the people of Paris by printing out front-page masthead in the colours of France to show that we too refuse to be afraid.

We sincerely hope you approve.