CWMAMAN Town Council has been rocked after its mayor suffered a vote of no confidence following a foul-mouthed outburst at fellow councillors in a heated row over a planning application.

Councillor Shahid Hussain, who the owns a petrol station and shop close to the application site, lost his cool at a recent meeting during a dispute over the proposed One Stop Shop at Arcade Terrace in Garnant and turned his ire on members who supported the scheme.

Outraged Cllr Mal Walker, who tabled the motion, was disgusted by Cllr Hussain’s comments, which came after the meeting had officially drawn to a close.

Councillors had previously discussed issues surrounding the proposal at the September meeting and had been forced to remind the mayor that as the application was for a rival business to his own he had a vested interest in the debate and should take no part in the conversation.

However, after the meeting closed Cllr Hussain brought up the subject again.

At the extraordinary meeting on Friday, Cllr Walker described how Cllr Hussain had again been reminded that it was inappropriate to return to the subject of the application and “should stop discussing it”.

“Shahid got mad and frustrated,” said Cllr Walker.

“His comments were derogatory to say the least.

“I’ve never heard that kind of language at a meeting — it was out of order.”

Cllr Pauline Barker said: “The words that came out of his (Cllr Hussain) mouth took me aback.”

Chairing Friday’s meeting, deputy mayor Cllr Kevin Madge told members that in his 36 years on the council he had never witnessed in such a situation.

“We have all received training on what happens if someone has a vested interest in a planning application,” he said.

“I know mistakes were made at that meeting, but the rules are there for a reason.”

In response to the allegations, Cllr Hussain apologised for his outburst and pleaded with council members for a second chance.

“I didn’t want to discuss the planning application after the meeting,” he said.

“I was just calling for another meeting to be held on the matter.

“I made a mistake with regards to the planning application, but I felt I was just summarising the comments of others as chair.

“I work hard as mayor. I have made a mistake.”

He went on to claim his obscene language was a comment on the situation and had not been directed at members.

“I apologised to Mal the next day – that shows remorse,” he said.

“I’ve let the council and my family down.

“I just want the chance to prove that I can be the councillor you want me to be.”

Members reiterated the rule that, as someone with an interest in opposing the application, he should have declared that interest and left the room.

Cllr Hussain hit back, saying he was “singled out”.

“We have had people on this council who have declared an interest in the past but have not left,” he said.

“I have been on the council for three-and-a-half years and in that time I felt that if I ever spoke out of turn I would be marginalised by other members.”

However, the accusation was dismissed.

Cllr Dafydd Wyn said: “In 15 years on this council this is the first time I have witnessed someone shout abuse.

“With all the different political parties in one room we can clash at times, but this was something else. I for one will not put up with it.”

Ten of the 11 councillors present supported the no confidence motion.

The council clerk will now submit a report to the government ombudsman to consider Cllr Hussain’s future.