So the Government think it is a good idea to hand our power generation over to the Chinese.

Why not go the whole hog and sell them the whole country, like Russia sold Alaska to the Americans.

When that happened there was not much difference in the political outlooks of the two, but here we have very right-wing Conservatives enthusiastically working with Chinese communists, at the same time they are enthusiastically slagging off everyone home grown whose views are mildly to the left of them.

Am I the only one who finds that odd?

Perhaps it fits in with my long-time theory that the political spectrum is basically circular, ending with left meeting right and behaving the same.

Churchill obliquely compared Stalin with Hitler.

Or perhaps the love affair Cameron-Xi is no different to the 1930s Tories trying to befriend Hitler, with Nazi ambassadors being shown the secrets of the RAF.

On top of that the worry is that we even go back to the idea that nuclear power is safe - an idea we had abandoned until politicians left it too late in replacing existing systems.

Now we are going to be stuck with that nuclear waste that lasts thousands of years.

Maybe we should insist the waste dumps all begin in the gardens of current ministers. Why not? They all insist it is perfectly safe.

So the plan is fill the UK with nuclear waste and communists.

World War Three without the bangs.