MP JONATHAN Edwards and AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas say they are pleased Gloucestershire Police have ruled out any possibility of criminal wrongdoing in County Hall.

But while welcoming the police conclusions they maintain the episode could have been handled better by the local authority.

In a joint statement they said: “It’s regrettable that the actions of the Labour-Independent Executive Board in approving two ‘unlawful’ items of expenditure put the county council in this position. Our constituents remain incensed that tens of thousands of pounds have been spent unlawfully.

“This whole episode could have and should have been handled better for the benefit of Carmarthenshire taxpayers, elected councillors and those working on behalf of the council.

“In recent weeks we have seen a complete culture shift to a more open, transparent and listening council. We have witnessed more political debate and Plaid Cymru has successfully stopped the increased sport fees going ahead.

“With today’s welcome news, we hope the new found culture of openness and cooperation can continue.”