IT MAY not be immediately evident, but there has been a distinct change of mood in County Hall this week as the issues thrown into the spotlight by auditors suddenly appear more serious than some first thought.

The Wales Audit Office – who have alleged two transactions involving chief executive Mark James were unlawful – now look likely to produce a public interest report.

Should they do so, the onus will then be on the county council to explain the steps they have taken to improve arrangements and thus ensure the risk of such failures recurring is reduced to a minimum.


THE two-minute tribute for our war dead was originally intended as a gesture of mourning and remembrance just for November 1919 when the slaughter of the war was still fresh in people’s memories.

But it has been repeated every year – from the Cenotaph in London to modest village memorials such as Gwaun cae Gurwen.

The recent deaths of the last veterans of the first world war have not seen numbers at these events dwindle.

As our pictures in this week’s paper show, it seems to grow every year.