BACK in July we reported on the concerns of Ammanford town councillors that the £1 million revamp of Quay Street could over-run and spoil the Christmas festivities.

The impact of that front page was immediate – Carmarthenshire county council’s response was to pull advertising from the Guardian.

We have always maintained that article helped ensure the extensive works were indeed completed on time.

The fact workmen ended up toiling around the clock reinforced the impression all the stops were pulled out to make that final deadline.

But the lingering fear was always that the lengthy disruption of Quay Street would sink businesses already struggling to stay afloat.

Would this prove the straw that finally broke the camel’s back?

As far as newsagent Gerald Thomas is concerned, that has proved the case.

He has expressed the belief the Quay Street revamp was the prime cause for his decision to shut up shop – the latest business in Ammanford’s premier street forced to throw in the towel.

And, in a letter this week, county councillor (and fellow trader) Deian Harries pulls no punches.

He claims the local authority has ensured town traders had “the worst Christmas possible”.

It’s not the Guardian saying this, remember. It’s our county councillor.

All in all, what with the Old Cross having closed (on a temporary basis, we’re assured), it makes for a thoroughly miserable start to 2013.