CONSIDERING Carmarthenshire county council clearly regard this paper as insignificant (by implication showing scant regard for our 14,500 readers) they have gone to quite extraordinary lengths to belittle us.

Their already infamous 565-word statement is quite breathtaking in its audacity, but presumably took some time to put together.

Andwhileweshould perhaps be flattered County Hall obviously viewus as a threat, wouldn’t its energies be better spent tackling the enormous challenges our county faces, including education reorganisation, the off-loading of public amenities and the future of social care?

Let’s be honest, the two recent articles that raised their hackles were hardly the stuff of Fleet Street!

The July article on towncouncillors’ concerns about the major redevelopment of Quay Streetwas a straightforward account of a towncouncil meeting.

Our September 19 editorial highlighted the council’smuch-criticised Sainsbury’s press release, which resulted in council leader Kevin Madge being reported to the ombudsman.

The big worry must be that - amid all this mud-slinging - everyone will lose sight of the central fact that Guardian readers will be starved of essential information.

One poster on our website asked: “Want to knowdetails about the Christmas refuse collection inAmmanford? Or anything about the compulsory purchase of land in Llandybie or Gorslas or Llannon?”

You’ll find this information in various papers with weaker penetration in the Ammanford area. “If you don’t get these papers – hard luck!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.