Hollywood star Zendaya has spoken of her concerns surrounding her potential future children having to deal with her level of fame and the movie industry becoming “bored” of her.

The 27-year-old American actress, known for teen show Euphoria and the Dune films, has been romantically linked to her Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland since 2021.

Zendaya told British Vogue that she does not “necessarily want my kids to have to deal” with being in the spotlight.

ONLINE - British Vogue May 2024 cover
Zendaya on the cover of British Vogue May 2024 (Carlijn Jacobs/ British Vogue)

She added: “And what does my future look like? Am I going to be a public-facing person forever?”

Explaining what she thinks the future will be like, she says it is about trying to “make things and pop out when I need to pop out, and then have a safe and protected life with my family, and not be worried that if I’m not delivering something all the time, or not giving all the time, that everything’s going to go away”.

“I think that’s always been a massive anxiety of mine: this idea that people will just be like, ‘Actually, I know I’ve been with you since you were 14, but I’m over you now because you’re boring’,” she added.

Zendaya also said that British actor Holland, who last played the web-slinging superhero in 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, has handled the attention “really beautifully.”

Zendaya is in a relationship with Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland (Carlijn Jacobs/British Vogue)

Speaking of her own experience, she said: “You just kind of get used to the fact that, ‘Oh, I’m also one of these art pieces you’re going to take a picture of’. I just gotta be totally cool with it and just live my life.”

However, Zendaya says she has learned that she “can say no” and does not have to “perform all the time” and can take a day off.

She is next set to be seen in tennis romance film Challengers, which will be out this month in the UK, and is among the stars co-chairing this year’s Met Gala in May.

The full interview is in the May issue of British Vogue, available online at vogue.co.uk/article/zendaya-vogue-interview and in print from April 23.