Despite being almost two decades into their career, Busted still put on a performance that is fit for their heyday when their Half Way There tour stopped off in Cardiff on March 26.

Young Brando and The XCERTS warmed up the crowds ready for the highly-anticipated arrival of 00’s heartthrobs.

A climatic countdown clock and a silhouette backdrop kicked Busted’s set off with an energetic rendition of their most recent single ‘Nineties’.

The trio continued to perform at the pace of a true pop-punk show with what seemed like more energy than they had when they burst on the scene in 2002.

While songs from their more recent releases including Half Way There were featured, the majority of the set paid homage to Busted’s original era, with more featuring from debut album Busted and sophomore record A Present For Everyone.

As well as playing classic hits ‘Air Hostess’, ‘Sleeping With The Light On’ and ‘What I Go To School For’, the trio covered Tom Petty’s ‘Free Fallin’ which was enjoyed by all at the Motorpoint Arena.

The band’s energy rubbed off on the crowd who were just as, if not more, enthusiastic, full of life and screaming back each and every lyric in time with James, Matt and Charlie.

The boys ended their 20-song set with ‘Year 3000’ which left crowds on a nostalgic high.