Three Australian sisters who have just completed supporting the world’s biggest girl band on their Summer Hits Tour have spoken of their excitement following their Swansea gig.

Germein, which is make up of Georgia, Ella and Clara Germein performed at the Liberty Stadium earlier this month to crowds of thousands of people.

They performed a setlist of original songs written by the girls as well as covers which left audience members impressed.

The girls received a rave review following their Liberty Stadium performance where they got the crowd warmed up ahead of X Factor 2017 winners Rak-Su and Little Mix.

Georgia, who grew up in Adelaide Hills in South Australia with her sisters, spoke to Daniel Laurie ahead of the Swansea show.

How long have you been performing as a band?

We have been performing as a band for over five years, but this year has been a turning point for us.

There was inspiration from family members such as our dad who played the trumpet in a New Orleans rhythm and blues style band and introduced us to artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Van Morrison, and Cat Stevens.

Also mum played classical and folk music around the house, and we were encouraged to have fun and be creative with our music

How does it feel being able to perform at several stadiums across the UK?

We really enjoy coming over to the UK to perform. Being able to play in front of such huge audiences is a dream come true.

We feel extremely lucky as not many bands get this opportunity. We have been rehearsing for the tour for the last few weeks and now we can’t wait for the audience to hear our music.

What other bands do you look up too?

I love Fleetwood Mac and the sound of Freddie Mercury with Queen, and we obviously love the fun of Little Mix.

Have you had the chance to meet Little Mix yet?

We haven’t yet but we hope to get to meet them during this tour. They are big over in Australia. We love their energy and we are so happy to have been asked to support them on their tour for the second time.

What is the inspiration behind your new single ‘Talking’?

We decided we wanted to start making music on our own terms, and so tried recording and producing 'Talking' ourselves in our home studio in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

When we hit play, we knew it was the musical vision we’ve had for ourselves finally coming to life.

‘Talking’ takes on a bit of a darker theme, with edgy guitar hits, pumping drums and bass, and a soaring break out chorus showcasing our three-part harmonies.

‘Talking’ we hope can relate to people facing all different types of challenges.

Have you had the chance to perform at many British venues yet?

We have just finished performing at the Isle of Wight Festival which was awesome. Performing at festivals brings such a lovely atmosphere and everyone just wants a good time.

The weather was great at Isle of Wight so that also helped.