Saxophonist, composer, arranger and producer Dave O’Higgins and award-winning guitarist Rob Luft have joined forces to celebrate the music performed by Monk and Coltrane.

You can catch them at Swansea later this month.

O'Higgins explains: "Rob called me for some 'blowing' gigs last year. It wasn't difficult to find a common repertoire, and a predilection for Monk and Trane tunes was apparent.

"The music we've chosen to play focuses on lesser know Monk compositions and some of the songs Coltrane chose to record in the late 50s, more than the usual few Monk tunes and modal Coltrane so often heard."

The choice of Scott Flanigan on organ changed their course from the obvious sonority associated with either musician. O’Higgins and Luft have reinterpreted the material in a way that is both contemporary and in the tradition, drawing from a wide range of influences with deep respect for the authors. American drummer Rod Youngs completes the quartet.

Three tunes will be released ahead of the album – ‘Naima’, ‘Minor Mishap’, and ‘Spring is Here’. “Naima is one of Coltrane’s most beautiful melodies,” says O’Higgins. “Rob had the idea to create this contemporary multi-tracked 'guitarscape' and I wanted to create a texture reminiscent of Claus Ogerman & Michael Breckers 80’s masterpiece, Cityscape."

‘Minor Mishap’ is a Blue Note style swinger from a Tommy Flanigan record featuring Coltrane with the guitar and organ replacing the trumpet and piano of the original.‘Spring Is Here’ was recorded by Coltrane on his Prestige album Standard Coltrane.

O'Higgins continued: “I created a new arrangement in the style I imagine Coltrane would have played it later on in his career - perhaps around Coltrane’s Sound era. Rob’s Bill Frisell inspired guitar textures, with Rod’s most Elvin-esque drum contribution of the recording, and Scott’s gutsy organ are a good example of our re-interpretation of standard material.”

The interaction, shared sensibilities and deeply held mutual respect between two of the UK’s leading musicians made this collaboration an instant success. The result is an album of pure, unadulterated swing.

You can see the gig at Swansea's Jazzland, on November 6.