Extinction Rebellion protesters have occupied one side of a dual carriageway in an attempt to “blockade” the Port of Dover.

Two lanes at the busy Kent port have been fenced off and taken over by the environmental activists amid a heavy police presence.

Protesters have been told they can demonstrate in the area cordoned off for their use, but risk arrest if they try to block the eastbound lanes used by lorries to access the ferries.

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⏳ This is a food emergency. Climate change and disappearing biodiversity threaten food scarcity and mass starvation. Britain faces food shortages, but our government has ignored independent advice on the risks we face and is saying and doing precious little to prepare us for what’s coming. Tell the government to tell the truth and act now – before hunger arrives on these shores. Join us in Dover this Saturday for a blockade of the port and a beach party on the seafront! More info on the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/247920859449553/?ti=icl If joining the action please make sure to read the briefing in full and fill out the form (both on FB event). 🌽 #xrcanterbury #nofoodonadyingplanet #dover #dovernews #xraction #extinctionrebellion #rebelforlife #nowornever #systemchangenow #powertothepeople #nonviolent #nvda #nonviolentdirectaction #xrfamilies #beachparty #rebelart #musicfortherebellion #jointherebellion #internationalrebellion #octoberrebellion #nofood #climatecrisis #ecologicalcrisis #tellthetruth #actnow #climateandecologicalemergency #forourfuture #lifeorloss

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The “No Food on a Dying Planet” action at the Kent port is expected to be mirrored across the Channel by other Extinction Rebellion groups.

The Port of Dover said it is working with police to minimise disruption.

Activists began assembling near the ferry port this morning, ahead of the planned “blockade” at 11am.

Songs like The Clash’s I Fought The Law could be heard blaring out of a speaker set, with live music expected later as part of the demonstration.

Flags and signs adorn the seafront railings, with slogans like “Rebel for life” and “Climate breakdown kills”.

Chris Atkins from Extinction Rebellion Dover said: “As climate change develops, millions of ordinary Britons will face the real and growing threat of food shortages, hunger and starvation.

“Extreme storms and floods are already causing major crop failures across the world, with high temperatures also hitting livestock agriculture.

“This crisis may seem far away now but given the dependency of the UK on food imports we are extremely vulnerable.

“The Government must tell the truth and act now.”

The protesters are meeting from 10am, and an Extinction Rebellion spokesman said the group has assessed that the four-hour blockade between 11am and 3pm “will not cause any disruption to vital supplies” such as medicine.

He added: “Extinction Rebellion appreciates the blockade will directly affect ordinary people and businesses, but we feel the action is necessary in order to call the Government to action.”

A spokesman for the Port of Dover said: “We are aware of the protest plans and as a result, Port of Dover Police are working closely with Kent Police to ensure as minimal disruption as possible.”