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With England’s top talent on show for the Cricket World Cup, many English cricket fans are asking the question: Who are the best all-time English cricket players? There will be great promotional offers available throughout the Cricket World Cup this year. You can get many offers with the Coral Promo Code and enjoy the sport you love with a little added fun.

Which team do you think will win? You can bet with Genting on all matches and predict the winner by using this exclusive promo code. England could win the Cricket World Cup, so here is a small tribute to the best England cricketers of all time.

The more mature fans might produce names like Graham Gooch, Fred Trueman and Sir Ian Botham. Younger fans may scream names such as Freddie Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen and Graeme Swann. To this day the debate rages on, and there seems to be no obvious answer for England's cricketing GOAT (greatest of all time).

However, with today’s wealth of reports and statistics, the list has been narrowed down to just five players.

Who is England’s GOAT?

W.G Grace

Having piled up thousands of runs throughout his career, and an equally impressive beard to match, W.G Grace was the powerhouse of country cricket through the 19th century.

Wally Hammond

An outstanding English test cricketer from the early 20th century, many proclaim at times it just seemed impossible for this man to play a bad shot.

Fred Trueman

‘Fiery Fred of the 50’s and 60’s’. With an arm that launched the ball like a 19th century cannon, and a broad Yorkshire accent to match, Fiery Fred was fearless and certainly never shy of giving the Australians some banter.

Sir Ian Botham

Arguably England’s greatest ever all-round player (sorry Flintoff fans). It seemed that this man could do it all. As all of the best English cricketers tend to do, he often saved his best for the England vs Australia rivalry.

Jimmy Anderson

‘The master of swing’, and we’re not talking about his hip movement. The sheer change in movement this man could get on the ball was staggering. As it stands today, he is England’s record holding wicket taker. All of this taken into account, who do you think is the GOAT of England Cricket?

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