Cwmamman 49

Ammanford 90

AMMANFORD romped to victory at the start of what was to prove a hectic week for Cwmamman.

In Cwm’s first of three matches in five days, the visitors cruised home with a 90-49 victory, winning all four rinks.

Rink Two: Julie Williams, Pierre Williams, Gareth Williams (skip) 12; M Jones 18.

Rink Three: Steve Turley, Mike Williams, Alec Leslie, James Davies (skip) 10; B Waters 28.

Rink Four: Bob Garoghan, Peter Griffiths, Phil Jones, Dyfed Lewis(skip) 14; Dai Turvey 23.

Rink Five: Sion Phillips, John Payne, Alan Thomas, John Jones (skip) 13; R Evans 21.

Cwmamman 0 Ammanford 14

Cwmamman’s woes continued in midweek when they were beaten 70-67 by visiting Dafen Welfare Crusaders.

The match proved a far more closely-fought encounter than the meeting with Ammanford and continued to be a close affair throughout.

The tight match saw the rinks shared with Cwm skips Dyfed Lewis and John Jones victorious.

However, with one rink giving a high count on the penultimate end of an 18 end match ,it sent Cwm reeling to their second defeat on the trot.

Rink Two; Julie Williams, John Payne, Alec Leslie, Dyfed Lewis(skip) 19; W.Gravell 17

Rink Three: Lynne Bray, Peter Griffiths, Alan Thomas, John Jones(skip) 18; B Waters 16.

Rink Four: Bob Garoghan, Matthew Edwards, Mike Williams, Peter Jones (skip) 14; J Richards 19.

Rink Five: Simon Hawker, Tony Bray, Matthew Harries, Phil Jones(skip) 16; M Rees 18.

Cwmamman 4 Crusaders 10