Ammanford Cricket Club are leading the way for Wales in the new ECB-inspired All Stars Cricket programme.

The club attracted 65 youngsters to the inaugural weekend of All Stars which was held on May 20 – more than any other club in Wales.

“The fact we attracted 65 young children to All Stars was absolutely phenomenal,” said Ammanford Cricket Club’s junior organiser Clare Hope.

“The parents have been fantastic and everyone is really on board with the programme and hopefully the next eight weeks are going to be a chance for Ammanford Cricket to sustain its future.

“I’m really proud that we have had the biggest take up of any club in Wales, and I think we are going to get even more people signing up over the next couple of weeks.”

All Stars cricket is being rolled out from Ammanford to Ynysygerwn and from Bangor to Usk and so far more than 1,600 children across Wales have signed up.

As well as giving young children an introduction to cricket it is also parents.

For an hour a week all mums and dads will be invited to get involved and play cricket with their children.