LLANDOVERY chairman Handel Davies has labelled Saturday's victory as "unbelievable" and "unforgettable."

Davies, still beaming days after the remarkable final, insisted the day was the greatest in the history of the club.

The party, which started as soon as prop Endaf Howells crossed after eight minutes of injury time, carried on well into Sunday and continues to next Saturday at the very least.

"The cup will be on parade against Glamorgan Wanderers and as a thank you to everybody who showed up to support us in Cardiff, Llandovery fans will get in for nothing," said Davies, who was reduced to tears at the final whistle.

"We trust those who couldn't make it to pay up but we will be charging Glamorgan Wanderers fans."

But it was almost so very different with Cardiff fly-half Craig Evans nailing two late drop-goals to seemingly put the match out of the Drovers' reach.

"I thought the worst when Craig put the two kicks over but we came back, showed great spirit and managed to win it at the death.

"I'm a very proud man, we couldn't write a story like it.

"It was fairytale stuff, I think you could make a film about it.

"The whole day can be summed up in two words - unbelievable and unforgettable."

Meanwhile, such has been the demand for polo shirts to mark the Llandovery cup win that a limited edition of 300 commemorative shirts has been ordered - to be available at Church Bank on Saturday.

Sale terms will be a case of first come, first served.