ST DAVID'S CHURCH - Sunday, December 1: Evening prayer 5pm.

CAPEL - Y Sul diwetha' aeth rhai aelodau gyda'r Gweinidog i gynnal oedfa yn Ysbyty Glanaman, lle mae un o'r aelodau sef Dolly Robson. Erbyn hyn mae aelod arall, Audrey Morris, wedi mynd adre i'r Blaenau.

Y Sul nesaf bydd y Gweinidog yn cynnal oedfa Gymun am 10.30 o'r gloch a'r Ysgol Sul yn cyd-redeg.

Dydd Iau am 2 o'r gloch bydd gwasanaeth Senana Adran Rhydaman yn Carmel.

CINIO A CHLONC - Nos Iau bydd y clwb yn cyfarfod am eu cinio Nadolig yn y Colliers.

EISTEDDFOD 2014 - Nos Sul Rhagfyr 8fed, am 7.30 o'r gloch, cynhelir cyngerdd yng Nghapel yr Hendre i godi arian i'r Eisteddfod. Yn cymryd rhan fe fydd Band Crwbin, John Davies ac Ivoreen Williams, a'r cyfeilydd, Gareth Thomas. Tocynnau £5.

SARON WI - On November 13th Saron WI held their monthly ordinary meeting during which hands were photographed in readiness for their WI banner.

After the ordinary meeting the then officers stood down and were replaced in this order. President Janine Williams, Treasurer Pauline Thomas and Secretary Joan Evans.

The president confirmed that our group had laid a wreath for the fallen on November 10th and that we had also made a donation appropriately.

The WI news letter was read, with much interest shown in the WI Annual Quiz due to be held 28th January, Saron teams yet to be finalised. The Bras For Africa Appeal is being co-odinated in our group by Pauline. Any one wishing to donate please contact Pauline or bring items to our January meeting.

Members were informed that Carmarthenshire WI will be hosting a stall next August at the Eisteddffod due to be held in Llanelli. All WI groups in the shire are to raise monies to help fund the stand. Ideas to raise funds had been put forward at the Ammanwy meeting and Saron group cast their votes on the options available. Members were also informed that stewards for this event will be needed.

The Stag And Pheasant is provisionally booked for our Christmas Dinner, the date being December 14th. Members were reminded to bring along their secret santa gift at a cost of no more than £5. There will be no meeting in December. The next proper meeting will be January 8th when members are reminded to bring a plate of festive food and/or drink

for our buffet. It was decided to complete photographing the hands at the January meeting, ladies please remember your bling. It was also decided that our group go out for a meal in February to include those members unable to make the Christmas get together.

The president asked for ideas on future speakers. Laura suggested a talk on Advanced Driving, we all agreed and Laura to arrange this. Siwla informed the group about the new beading shop in Ammanford. She is to find out about a beading workshop.

Saron WI welcomes new and past members. Why not come along to our January buffet meeting ?.

There'll be plenty of food to go round and a bit of a quiz and fun.