SENIOR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION - The meeting was opened by Mrs Buddug Thomas who invited all members to join her in reciting the Lord's prayer in Welsh. Apologies for absence were received from Ann, Shirley, Mair, Margaret, Elsie and Mary James.

Members were informed that the Christmas dinner will now be held on December 11 and not on December 4 as originally arranged.

Due to falling membership, a discussion took place on ideas of how to encourage new intake to the branch. Everyone agreed that it would be a sad day if meetings were to close permanently.

A variety of good guests entertain every fortnight and members dine out on occasions throughout the year, a good incentive for lonely people to come and join, and spend an hour with friends.

A lively interlude then took place, with members relating humorous stories about events in their lives, which proved to be hilarious, producing much laughter.

The raffle was drawn the winners being Mary and Buddug.

The meeting ended after refreshments had been served.

Next meeting will be on October 25.