OAP REPORT – The chair welcomed members to the September 10 meeting.

There were a number of members absent due to ill health.

We welcomed three new members, Mair, Myrddin and Iris. Those celebrating their birthday this month are wished a happy birthday.

Our guest speakers were Mrs Indeg Thomas and Mr Dennis Morgan.

We had a delightful afternoon with them both, we were given the background of songs that were written by a well known writer and singer of songs that are thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in the country. We were introduced to the music of Patagonia during the Christmas period, we were fascinated by their different sounds in relation to the nativity. Mrs Joan Evans thanked both of them on behalf of the club.

Members who went on the London holiday are still recovering from all we achieved over the three days.

Our next meeting is on October 1 at 7pm in the Vestry of Capel Hendre Chapel. Mr Emlyn Williams will be our speaker. Our October trip will be to Caerphilly Castle.