McDonald’s is yet again offering customers deals on food items during the next week but there’s a difference.

Usually, the fast food chain chooses the deals that customers can benefit from each week but this week, customers can choose which deal they’d prefer by voting for their favourite.

Choices can be made via the McDonald’s App with voting opening on Sunday, July 3 and continuing throughout the week.

The deals include a variety of menu items including 3x Chicken Selects, the McPlant, Triple Cheeseburger and more.

McDonald’s deals you can vote for this week

On Sunday, July 3, you’ll be able to vote for either a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with Cheese with both being priced at 99p each. The winning deal with the most votes will go live on Monday, July 4.

It’ll be time for vote between the two new summer menu items on Monday – the Crispy Chicken Italiano and the Italian Stack. The winning deal will go live on Tuesday, July 5 and will be available for £2.99.

On Tuesday, you’ll be choosing between either a 99p McPlant or 99p Veggie Deluxe. The winning deal will go live on Wednesday, July 6.

Make sure you have the McDonald’s App at the ready on Wednesday as you’ll be able to vote for either 3x Chicken Selects or the Sweet Chilli Chicken One, both priced at £1.49 each. You’ll be able to get the winning deal on Thursday, July 7.

While you’re using the app on Thursday, you can choose between a 99p Triple Cheeseburger or a 99p Quarter Pounder with Cheese. The winning deal will go live on Friday, July 8.

On Friday, you’ll be choosing between a 99p Big Mac or 6x Chicken McNuggets, also for 99p. You’ll be able to get the winning deal on Saturday, July 9.

And finally, on Saturday you can vote for either a 15% discount or a spend £15, save £5 offer. The winning deal will become available on Sunday, July 10.

South Wales Guardian: A McDonald's restaurant (PA)A McDonald's restaurant (PA)

How to vote for your favourite McDonald’s deals this week

You’ll need to have the McDonald’s App downloaded and make your decisions there.

If you haven’t already, you can download it here.

McDonald’s breakfast is available from 5-11am daily and you can buy from its lunchtime menu from 11am daily.

Terms and conditions for this week’s deals can be found via the McDonald’s website.