BETWS community councillors are being “fed a load of baloney” about the numbers of windfarm lorries transporting heavy equipment up the Maesquarre/Betws Mountain Road, according to one angry member.

Cllr Annette Price told colleagues she had seen one lorry three times over a 90-minute period one day and suggested a lot of lorries connected with the controversial Mynydd y Betws windfarm were “flying under the radar”.

She added: “We are being fed a load of baloney – we’re just not being given the correct figures.”

Cllr Loreen Lewis said lorries accessing the mountain from Betws were then using other routes to come down.

Cllr Anne Sizmur suggested this was to escape the attention of the Cwmgors-based Communities Acting Together action group, who were monitoring lorry movements.

Community clerk Cerith Griffiths said county council chiefs were well aware of the condition of the highway and had agreed that money would be spent on improving it if funds were found to be available.

“They’re also going to inspect the verges, but surely they’re not going to repair that road while those lorries are still coming down?” he said.

Members vowed to quiz windfarm spokesman Rob Fellows about “the legality of the lorry wheel-washing operation”

when he attended their next meeting on June 13.

“We’re now coming into the summer months and increasing numbers of people will be using that mountain road,” said Cllr Price.