A group of Towy Valley pensioners claim they have Carmarthenshire County Council running scared after not a single councillor could be found willing to accept a 1,500-name petition urging the authority to rethink plans to close Llandeilo’s Noddfa Teilo Day Club.

The four elderly ladies – all aged between 75 and 84 – arrived at County Hall, Carmarthen, last Wednesday morning but were left waiting for almost an hour before a nervy staff member met them on the building’s steps to receive their petition.

Rhian Barr, the 75-year-old leader of the group, said: "None of them want to be seen taking a petition from senior citizens.

"It is ridiculous and deeply embarrassing for the council, but we are here to embarrass them.

"We have come here to show the strength of feeling against this closure and to show them that we are not going to let them keep this quiet."

The group, supported by members of the Unison union, reserved special criticism for Llandeilo councillor Ieuan Jones and Cllr Kevin Madge, the council’s deputy leader and Over 50s’ Champion.

"I do feel sorry for the man they sent out to meet us," said Rhian. "He looked absolutely petrified, but it seems they all are. Where are the likes of Ieuan Jones and Kevin Madge?

"Ieuan Jones came to the centre to have a meeting with staff but refused to come out of the manager’s office until all the day club users had gone home.

"It is the same with Kevin Madge. He has been to our last three Christmas dinners, but where is he when we need him?

"They are treating us like sheep being readied for slaughter, but we will not go without a fight."

Cllr Jones said: "It would be easy for me to play Devil’s advocate and say everything is going to be OK when I know full well that that is not the case.

"This is a decision which made by the director of social services because they have to make cut backs. Wanting to keep the centre is simply asking the impossible."

Cllr Jones had earlier told members of Llandeilo Town Council that the local authority planned to put the building up for sale "very soon".