AN AMMANFORD woman has been accused of allowing a convicted paedophile to bathe her two daughters and put them to bed.

The man went on to sexually abuse them even though she had been warned by police and social services that he was a danger to them.

The woman, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the children, has admitted cruelty to the girls by exposing them to danger.

But she denies an accusation by the prosecution at Swansea crown court that she also ignored the girls themselves when they told her they were being abused.

Judge Huw Davies has said it was an important issue and would affect the sentence she will receive.

A "trial of issue," known as a Newton hearing, is now underway after which Judge Davies will decide the mother's true degree of guilt.

Paul Hobson, prosecuting, said the man had criminal convictions for sexuall assaulting children. When it became known that he was in regular contact with the woman both the police and social services became worried that his real interest was in her daughters.

Mr Hobson said the man began baby sitting the girls when their mother went out, bathed them, took them out on day trips and showered them.

The mother allowed the contact to continue "in the face of clear warnings" from the police and social services that he might try to "groom" them for sexual purposes.

When he was eventually arrested he admitted sexually abusing them over a 12 month period and was sentenced to an indefinite number of years in jail "for public protection."

Mr Hobson said the mother was even told by her children they were being abused "but she was too busy with her boyfriend and did not listen."

He said that at the time of the visit by police and a social worker the woman had assured them she told them the man did not visit their home.

The girls were giving evidence to the hearing yesterday (Tuesday).