A HOUSING estate in Betws was the scene of a mass UFO sighting last week.

A number of residents say they saw two bright orange objects travel overhead while the estate suffered a power cut.

And people living on Parc Penrhiw insist the objects – described as resembling a trio of orange tennis balls by one witness – were not terrestrial in origin but something out of the ordinary.

“Living under a flight path we all know what a plane looks like,” resident Matthew Bayliss, 25, told the Guardian.

“I know what a helicopter looks like as well and these objects weren’t either. Because of the power cut, a lot of people were outside, drinking cups of tea and having a chat. Then these bright orange balls appeared, went overhead quite fast and disappeared into a cloud.

“As far as I’m concerned they were UFOs – I cannot think of anything else they could have been.”

One of his neighbours, Patrick Gee, 62, described how the objects were travelling behind one another in a straight line.

“They were travelling from north-west to south-east on a lower orbit than a plane,” he said.

One of the UFOs was also seen by Arwel Davies, his wife Teresa and their two children.

“It was freaky,” said Mr Davies. “Everything went quiet as it flew over – not a sound from a bird or an insect, nothing. I thought only cranks and nutters saw these kind of things, but to see it with my own eyes was really eerie.”

There was no-one available at the the Ministry of Defence when the Guardian asked for a comment.