AMMANFORD magistrates admitted they could not unravel conflicting stories in the case of the vice-chairman of the Royal British Legion Club and the barmaid.

Peter Henry Arnold, aged 71, of Penybanc Road, Ammanford, had been accused of fondling the barmaid's breasts, of waiting for her after work and showing her a tablet supposed to be Viagra. He denied all the charges.

One charge of indecent assault was dismissed when the woman admitted the touch on her breasts could have been accidental.

Presiding magistrate Tom Williams said that the other fondling allegation had not been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Even if the magistrates accepted the other complaints, it was by no means certain they added up to a charge of harassment. All three charges were dismissed.

"We cannot be sure beyond a reasonable doubt what took place between the woman and Mr Arnold," he said.

Arnold shook hands with supporters after the verdict. "Whether the court believe me or not, I know I did nothing," he told the Guardian before the result.

"I just worry about the effect on my wife and family."

Arnold had insisted that the charges were the result of a conspiracy hatched by other committee members, angry at him for challenging the established order over what were called 'financial irregularities' at the Royal British legion Club, and at a 'clique' he said were trying to take over. "It's a put up job," he told police.

"There is a battle line being drawn between the old and the new," said his solicitor John Tarrant.

"This is not a happy club. This may all seem a storm in a tea cup, but it is a situation that becomes important to people. Power becomes important to people."

The barmaid, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told the court the first incident was around June. As she stood up from the fridge with hands full of bottles Arnold reached out and touched her breast.

She called him a pervert. "After that I was always uneasy around him" she said. He had shown her the blue Viagra tablet, saying it was 'for you and me', and she had seen him waiting in his car as she started home.

He also tried to give her chocolates. The second incident, which she admitted might have been accidental, happened after the meeting called over the financial matters.

Former committee member Sally Jones, of Saron, told the court she had not seen the first incident but saw the woman red, distressed and crying. She had immediately complained of Arnold fondling her.

"This is a woman whose partner threatened he would 'get me' after the finance meeting," said Arnold.

"I was threatened with violence and went straight to the police. These complaints were not made until well after they were supposed to have happened."