COUNCIL workers clearing a house in Capel Hendre got a shock when a four-foot snake tried to attack them last week.

The workmen were in the kitchen of a house in Bancyddraenen when they found the reptile, a yellow grass snake.

They called in the expert, Geraint "The Snakeman" Hopkins to deal with the creature which they found behind a Rayburn.

Mr Hopkins believes the snake had been in the empty house for several months because of its poor physical condition.

He said: "Luckily, it was a yellow grass snake, which is not poisonous.

"It is not native to this country so it is likely that it was imported to Wales as a pet."

He fears the snake might not survive its ordeal because it was in such bad physical condition.

Carmarthenshire head of public protection Philip Davies said: "The snake was not dangerous and it was removed later that morning.

"But anyone finding themselves in a situation like this should always take care."