CRACKERS! That’s the reaction of a Llandovery councillor on learning health and safety regulations have snuffed out the town’s Christmas tree tradition.

Every Yuletide town councillors have taken it upon themselves to supply and erect up to 60 Christmas trees around the old market town.

But their goodwill gesture has been strangled by health and safety red tape because members can no longer carry out the task as they are not covered by insurance.

The killjoy rules state all trees above a certain height must be erected with scaffolding and a mobile platform. “The world has gone a bit mad if you ask me,” said Deputy Mayor Helene Lovell.

“Unfortunately this is the society we now live in.

“These days it seems everyone has to cover their own back and nobody wants to be the fall guy,” she said.

Town Clerk Terry Leyman was similarly nonplussed at the ruling.

“This does not just affect Llandovery but councils the world over,” commented the retired seaman.

“But if some of these health and safety people could have seen me shinning up a mast with no safety ropes they probably would have had a heart attack.”

Now a defiant Cllr Lovell is calling on traders and householders to ensure Llandovery still has a Christmas to remember.

“I have every faith they’ll make sure the town is brightly decorated and looking really lovely as usual,” she added.