A CROSS Hands business has won an award for its services to school catering.

Castell Howell Foods managing director Matt Lewis was given the LACA Wales Region Awards’ coveted LACA Wales Region Chairs Award for contribution and commitment to school food catering in Wales.

Matt said: “The school meal service is key to Castell Howell. We proudly work with catering teams across the country to help develop menus, support activities and promote a balanced diet for children.

“Working closely with schools, our drive is to further support local veg growers by getting their produce on menus – which of course, also serves to strengthen the Welsh supply chain.”

Matt has been a keen supporter of the LACA Wales Region and promotes and supports education catering teams across Wales.

Castell Howell’s team has a deep understanding of the Welsh Government goals that the local authorities are trying to meet including local produce on menus, a whole school approach and delivery of universal primary free school meals and supports them with innovative, affordable and workable solutions.

Matt admitted that the award came as a surprise. He said: “I’m so thrilled to receive this award and quite taken aback. Being recognised is not only an incredible personal achievement, but is testament to the phenomenal teamwork on every level throughout the company, which allows our supply chain collaborations to flourish.

“I must also congratulate all award winners and finalists, and not forgetting LACA Wales on organising yet another magnificent event, that holds huge importance in championing all that is great about the school meal sector.”

Judith Gregory, national vice chairwoman and director of LACA Ltd, said: “Castell Howell is always the first to respond to support events and their network contacts are well established and are not confined to just education catering, they reach far and wide and they utilise those connections to benefit local authority catering teams.

“They reached out to a supply chain network to support eFSM pupils during the pandemic, and to sports connections to provide enrichment sessions for Welsh Government’s Food and Fun holiday provision.

“Matt’s support for over a decade has been fundamental in the development of the school meals sector, we’re hugely thankful to him and his dedicated team at Castell Howell for all they continue to do for local authorities across the country.”