“We are worried that this fantastic and welcome £4.7m development won't reach its full potential.”

That is the thought of several residents of Llandeilo, who held a meeting after showing concern over the proposed plans for Llandeilo Market Hall.

The meeting was held last night (Wednesday, August 3), in the back room of the Salutation Inn, where residents of the town made their thoughts clear.

Concerns arose after the interior layout was published and met with disappointment by multiple residents of Llandeilo.

The plans showed “commercial office space” taking up some of the rooms on the market hall’s top floor, rooms which overlook the Brecon Beacons National Park.

A total of 56 people attended the meeting, and unanimously voted for a minor alteration of the plans.

The minor alteration with the residents unanimously voted on was to “make the top floor with its amazing views of the Brecon Beacon accessible to the general public and not solely to random commercial office space.”


Christoph Fischer, who attended the meeting, said: “While we acknowledge that building work has gone too far ahead to change the use to the original idea of a restaurant on the top floor, we believe the breakout space and the conference and office space overlooking the Brecon Beacons would be perfect for a cafe with even some limited seating outside.

“With a few mentions of such a cafe on TripAdvisor, this would become a destination place attracting visitors to town.

“The presence of shared kitchen space and toilets on the top floor implies plumbing and other infrastructure for a cafe are in place and the location on the ground floor on New Road seems less attractive for a cafe than the upstairs room.

“We urge Carmarthenshire County Council to reconsider their plans as we are worried that this fantastic and welcome £4.7m development won't reach its full potential.

“Given the availability of office space in Hengwrt and other locations in town, and the trend of working from home at least part of the week, both make our proposal more than reasonable.”