CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council were successful in getting an order to close part of a road in Llandeilo.

The council went to Llanelli Magistrates Court on July 29 to apply for a ‘stopping up/diversion of highway’ order which was granted.

This means that the council will be able to close the Unclassified Road south west of Glanrhydsaeson, Manordeilo in Llandeilo.


The road links the Unclassified Road leading from Maesymeibion to the junction with the Principal Road A40 opposite Manordeilo service station with the Unclassified Road which extends from the A40 at a point adjacent to Twts Twyi Nursery, to the river Twyi.

The reason for this stopping up order is, according to the court, ‘on the grounds that it is unnecessary.’

The length of the road to be stopped up is 374 metres in a general north westerly to south easterly direction, crossing over the Network Rail Heart of Wales railway line.