A Llandeilo café has held a Ukrainian-themed night in order to raise funds for medical supplies and support to help Ukrainian refugees living in Wales.

It was the second night that the Gwili Café in Llandeilo held a themed evening in support of Ukraine, which had authentic Ukrainian food cooked on the night by Ukrainians.

The café hosted a first Ukrainian evening in June, which saw £750 raised for refugees.

The evening was helped put together by Sunflowers Wales, a group of Ukrainian-born UK citizens, who raise funds to support refugees living across Great Britain.

Sunflowers Wales provided the Ukrainian cooks for the evening, as well as the authentic native food, while local Llandeilo businesses also played their part.

The Little Welsh Dresser, Heavenly Exquisite Desserts and the café itself, along with several other private sponsors, donated cash and raffle prizes.

The evening of the meals, the raffle and further donations saw £1,000 raised, £250 more than the first event managed.


“I never thought I’d see a fundraiser for this kind of thought in my life time,” reflected Bryan Jones from the Gwili Café.

“We’re lucky to live in a caring town like Llandeilo where people still come forward to support the cause.”

Bohdana Bahlay of Sunflower Wales added: “We talk about the next leader of the Conservative Party and the heatwave, but the war is still going on.

"I’m so grateful for this money that will buy tourniquets and bandages and will save lives in the Ukraine. Thank you all so much.”

South Wales Guardian: Some of the authentic Ukrainian food available on the eveningSome of the authentic Ukrainian food available on the evening

Organiser of the event, Christoph Fischer, said: “Thanks to the kind-hearted and hard-working staff at the Gwili Café, and to Bryan Jones for offering us the space before we knew we could even fill the space.

"Thanks also goes to Bohdana and all she and her group are doing. Humbling to see everyone joining in to keep the flame of humanity alive. We’ll be back with another meal in early September.”