A public meeting is to be held by concerned residents about the plans for the interior of the newly refurbished Llandeilo Market Hall.

The hall is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, but recently published plans for the interior layout have been met with disappointment by some.

“Criticism revolves mainly around the lack of parking and the use of the top floor,” explained Christoph Fischer.

“The latter enjoys fantastic views over Llandeilo and was originally earmarked for a restaurant, which many people were excited about.”


Concerned residents used the means of social media and writing letters to the council about the issues of layout and parking, with several calling for a public hearing.

The hearing has been called for 7pm on the evening of Wednesday, August 3, in the back room of the Salutation Inn.

“People need to hear the reasoning behind the plans for this £1.4 million project,” Fischer adds, “and the planners need to hear what residents think and maybe changes still can be made to please everyone.

“We hope the council officers will attend our meeting so the public can get answers to the questions they have.”