Plans are underway to improve flood defences in Ammanford as Natural Resources Wales looks to secure a contractor.

Construction work to improve the town’s flood defences is due to begin no later than already planned, in January 2023.

The scheme to reduce the flood risk to approximately 385 properties in the long-term from the rivers Loughor, Marlais and Lash, was scheduled to begin this spring.

However, Natural Resources Wales has not been able to appoint a contractor following a first tendering process, and will be tendering the work again over this summer.

Planning permission was approved for the flooding management plan back in 2021, and it is hoped that it will be sooner rather than later that work begins.

Construction work should commence in the new year, subject to a successful appointment, according to Natural Resources Wales.


Susie Tudge, project manager at Natural Resources Wales, said: “We’re committed to providing this scheme for Ammanford, which will reduce the flood risk in the areas of Bonllwyn, Aberlash Road, Tir-y-dail, Gwyn Fryn and Shands Road.

“We had planned to start construction work in spring 2022, but following an initial tendering process we have not been able to appoint a contractor.

“We will be tendering again over the summer with a view to appointing a contractor and starting construction work in January 2023.

“This delay is unfortunate, but securing the right contractor is a crucial step in ensuring the work is carried out to the high-quality specification that is required to reduce flood risk to the communities of Ammanford for years to come.”

Natural Resources Wales was granted planning permission to develop the scheme in 2021, and aims to use several methods in key locations to make homes and businesses more resilient to flooding.

Computer modelling predicts that more than 200 properties in Ammanford are currently at risk of flooding. This increases to more than 380 properties in the future due to climate change.