AFTER the heatwave over the last few days which has led to an amber weather warning for Carmarthenshire and the Swansea and Amman Valleys, the weather is turning.

Across parts of the county, there has been thunder and lightning this morning (July 19), bringing temperatures down to a slightly more manageable high of 29C – which is the temperature this afternoon in Llandovery.

The amber weather warning is still in place until 11.59pm tonight.

Thunder and lightning has been going off around Llandeilo and Llandovery this morning and this afternoon according to Met Office predicts thunder for Ammanford around 3pm but the sun is set to return for the rest of the afternoon from around 5pm according to the Met Office.

Temperatures are set to drop as the day goes on, but as we reach midnight, it is expected to be around 19C, so still another warm night.

But what about the rest of the week? For those who have been struggling with this heat, there is some good news.

Wednesday, July 20, is set to still be a warm day but nothing close to the temperatures we’ve seen during the weather warning. It is set to be an overcast throughout most of the day with temperatures peaking at 20C and going as low as 15C.

It is expected that there will be some sun in the afternoon with sunny spells from around 3pm.


Thursday, July 21 and Friday, July 22 is set to be clear for most of the day, with temperatures between 14C and 21C. The Met Office predicts there will a lot of sun on both days.

Saturday, July 22 is due to be cloudy with sunny intervals and temperatures at a high of 20C and Sunday, July 24 is predicted to be cloudy with some rain in the morning for Llandeilo but turning sunny in the afternoon. Ammanford and Pontardawe are predicted to avoid the rain and just have some sunny intervals, as is Llandovery.