Boris Johnson has finally fallen on his sword but not without turning British democracy into a complete circus.

These are the words of Senedd member and Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price following this morning’s announcement that Boris Johnson has resigned from his position as Conservative party leader.

“A belligerent Prime Minister finally falls on his sword,” commented Mr Price, “but not before turning our democracy into a complete circus.

South Wales Guardian: Adam PriceAdam Price

“Whilst we can now celebrate this news, we must be wary that whoever is going to replace him will inevitably treat the electorate with the same disdain that has been shown by Boris Johnson.

“It has never been more obvious that Wales deserves better and it’s our duty now to demand it.”

Boris Johnson’s announcement came following one of the most tumultuous days in British politics with senior ministers, including the Welsh Secretary of State Simon Hart tendering their resignation, and the sacking of levelling-up minister Michael Gove.

Mr Hart became the third member of the cabinet to resign amid Boris Johnson’s leadership crisis.

In a statement issued last night (Wednesday), Mr Hart said he had “no other option left” but to resign after being amongst a delegation of ministers that went to Downing Street to encourage the Prime Minister to step down earlier that afternoon.

South Wales Guardian: Simon HartSimon Hart

Mr Hart, who is MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, has been Welsh Secretary since December 2019, when Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns resigned from the role in the run-up to that year’s General Election.

“I had desperately hoped that I could avoid writing this letter, but alas there seems no other option left but to step down from my role as Secretary of State for Wales,” he said.

Meanwhile Adam Price is hopeful that Simon Hart will be the last Secretary of State to serve his nation.

“Less than 24 hours after being rolled out to defend the indefensible, we saw the resignation of the Secretary of State of Wales,” he commented.

“Despite his claims on Wednesday morning on the Commons floor that it was “business as usual”, it is clear that there is nothing “usual” about the predicament this Government finds itself in.

“Let’s go one step further, let’s make Mr Hart the last ever Secretary of State for Wales, as we take control of our own affairs without interference from Westminster.”

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