Concern is growing amongst Ammanford cat owners after a cat sustained serious head injuries from what is thought to be a BB gunshot wound.

Nala, who is a healthy little tabby, had been missing for over a week but returned home over the weekend with what her owner, Claire Owens, believed to be a gunshot wound.

“It was somewhat out of character for Nala to be missing for such a long period of time, but when she did eventually arrive home with such a shocking injury to her head it’s placed us in a very difficult position,” said Claire.

“We have three cats in total, but I’m now terrified of letting them out again in case the same thing happens again.”


Claire, who lives in Wernoleu Road, Ammanford, went on to say that this isn’t the first time that one of her cats has been hurt in a suspicious manner.

“A few years ago I was out walking through the fields near to our house and I found one of our cats lying dead in a ditch. Like Nala, she was extremely healthy and active which only suggests that she had been poisoned.

“I brought her home and because we were all so upset at what had happened, we buried her. But I now regret not investigating the cause of her death.

“Other residents who live in this vicinity have also complained that their cats have gone missing and have failed to return home and as a result, we’re naturally becoming increasingly concerned about the fact that somebody out there may be doing this intentionally.”

Dyfed-Powys Police, the RSPCA and the Cats Protection League have all been informed of Nala’s injury.

“We just want people to be aware of what’s been happening in this area so that their own cats will hopefully stay safe and well,” concluded Claire.

“It's very fortunate that the bullet didn't penetrate Nala's skull and that she's making good progress.

"But it beggars belief how someone can be so cruel and treat an innocent animal in such a terrible way.”