GUARDIAN readers have been quick to express their views on last week's front page story on what residents of a Glanaman street claim was an illegal hunt.

People living in Llwyncelyn Road said they were invaded by a pack of foxhounds in pursuit of a fox.

They accused members of the Amman Valley Fox Control of breaking the law by failing to control their dogs.

Glanaman councillor Emyr Jenkins, treasurer of the AVFC, denied any laws were broken and maintained members were simply exercising their dogs.

In a letter in today's Guardian, Mr Jenkins' wife writes: "It would appear that society's constant need to anthropomorphise wild animals along with highly emotional feelings on the issue of countryside pest control, make it impossible for a sensible debate on this issue to take place."

However the AVFC have come in for strong criticism on the Guardian's website.

C A Gregory, of Llwyncelyn Road, writes: "If these people were just exercising their dogs, why were they carrying a hunting horn?"