Concern is mounting that dogs are being 'deliberately poisoned' in Ystradgynlais following reports that one pet has died and eight more have suffered from extreme vomiting and diarrhoea after walking a stretch of footpath near the playing fields.

Now residents are demanding an urgent investigation into the cause of the dogs’ illness to prevent further deaths from occurring.

“When I walked through town on my way to work this morning, I didn’t pass a single dogwalker, which is exceptional,” commented Cllr Martyn Shrewsbury.

“This whole situation has got to be looked into and resolved.

"If something unacceptable was found on my land, then I’d be responsible for sorting it out. And exactly the same thing has to happen with these reports of the alleged poisonings.”


The first case was reported around 12 weeks ago.

“But sadly, this wasn’t just a one-off,” explained Cllr Shrewsbury.

“On June 1, a family sadly lost their dog after watching their child play rugby on the town’s rugby field.

"They took their dog with them and walked it along the nearby footpath but sadly the dog became ill shortly afterwards with sickness and diarrhoea.

"But within two days he had blood in his poo and sadly died on Saturday morning.”

Two days later another dog walker discovered pellets which were reported to have been placed in three different locations along the same path, which is near to the Ystradgynlais playing fields.

As a result of the growing concern, Ystradgynlais Town Council has agreed to discuss the issue in an open public meeting this Thursday, (June 16) at 6.30pm.

South Wales Guardian: Ystradgynlais dog walkers are avoiding the town centre following fears of poisoningYstradgynlais dog walkers are avoiding the town centre following fears of poisoning

Meanwhile a new Facebook group has been set up called ‘Dog Walkers of Ystradgynlais and the Swansea Valley’ enabling them to report any concerns and warn other dog owners of new pellet discoveries.

Less than a day after being launched, the group already had over 240 members.

“And this speaks for itself,” said Martyn Shrewsbury.

“Because of the growing concern throughout the town, I’ve now raised the matter with the police.

"Something has got to be done before another family has to deal with the death of their dog or before another dog has to deal with this unnecessary suffering".

If anyone is concerned about the problem they are asked to contact PC Rachel Williams on 01267 222020, extension 54681 or email her on