Speaking with Heather and Chris Stowell, it becomes clear that this is a couple who will stop at nothing in their endeavours for Ukraine.

Earlier this spring the couple made one of the most courageous journeys imaginable when they set off from their home near Ystradgynlais for a 1,500 mile drive across Europe to deliver a caravan-load of essentials to the war-torn country.

“Yes, the adrenalin took over, but now that we’re home we’re finding it very difficult to talk about,” says Heather. “It’s hard.”

The couple decided to make the difficult journey after watching the steady stream of harrowing images on the BBC news.

South Wales Guardian: An image of Russian soldiers, captured by Heather and ChrisAn image of Russian soldiers, captured by Heather and Chris

“I kept telling Chris that we had to go, so we set up a Facebook page and started posting to people in our tiny little village in Coelbren," Heather said.

"We put out pleas for both animal and human aid and were completely blown away by the response of the local people and the surrounding villages.”

The couple loaded their caravan with animal feed, sanitary products, toiletries and horse blankets and booked the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe followed by a three-day trek across Europe before reaching Poland.

“We drove down to the refugee centre in Prezmsil which is basically a large shopping mall with 6,000 camp beds for mainly women and children and their animals.

"The feeling of sadness and despair was overwhelming, and more people were coming in every day.

“There’s nothing unusual about what we did, apart from the fact we’re both over 60 and I'm not supposed to travel until I’ve had spinal surgery in my neck area.  But we were just a tiny little cog in the massive wheel.”

Meanwhile the couple are planning their second visit to Ukraine in late August.

“I don't feel we achieved everything we set out to do, so the August trip will involve us being in an undisclosed location in Ukraine where we will work with the rescued animals, mostly traumatised from bombing or physically injured by it. We then have a week at the Poland warehouse doing deliveries into Ukraine.

“I'm so proud of Coelbren and the surrounding villages for everything they’ve done. They’re amazing - totally amazing.”

Donations to Heather and Chris can be made on https://gofund.me/70d5ff21 or PayPal@heatherstowell