Ammanford police have launched an investigation after a town centre medical clinic was criminally damaged yesterday evening.

It is understood that the windows of the Swyn y Gwnt Resource Centre in Tirydail Lane were smashed yesterday evening (Friday, June 10), between 7.30 and 8pm.

Swyn y Gwynt is a mental health support centre and locals are now concerned that patient appointments may be affected as a result of the damage.

"I can't believe that such an important place has been targetted in this way," said one angry resident. 

"I know that there are often young people messing around in that part of town and lighting fires, but they're normally in a derelict building further along.

"We just hope the repairs will get done quickly so that the patients who use it don't suffer any more than they already have to."

Ammanford police have been informed of the incident and are appealing for anyone with information concerning the criminal damage to contact them on 101.