It’s been several years since Coronation Street's Christine Kempell explored the Carmarthenshire countryside as a child, but later this summer the actress will be returning to her childhood county when she appears in the one-woman show ‘Caitlin’.

“This is a great opportunity as I definitely identify as being Welsh,” she said.

“Even though I was born in Leicestershire, we moved to Carmarthen when she was nine, so I learned Welsh as a child and then did a refresher course as an adult.

"I can still speak it a bit and I understand it a lot so yes, I’m most definitely Welsh!”

‘Caitlin’ offers Kempell a fabulous opportunity to display the enormous strength of the wife of Dylan Thomas.

“This is a gift of a part for a woman of my age," she says.

South Wales Guardian: Caitlin ThomasCaitlin Thomas

"Just because we’re not in our thirties doesn’t mean we can’t be sexy, rude, vulnerable and resilient all at the same time.

“Behind Caitlin was a woman who sacrificed everything for the man she loved and that man couldn’t have achieved what he did without her.

“This play is a monologue to the forgotten women everywhere, whose stories deserve to be told.”


The one-woman show, written by Mike Kenny and directed by Steve Elias, tells of Caitlin’s and Dylan’s years together from her own brutally honest perspective and reveals some shocking insights into their mutually destructive relationship.

And as a mother who was married to ‘the voice of God’, she had to put her own unfulfilled ambitions as a dancer on hold. 

"There is no doubt that history judged her harshly".

‘Caitlin’ opens in ‘The Miners Theatre’, Ammanford on July 12 before moving to Furnace Theatre, Llanelli on July 13 and 14 and the Blackwood Miners’ Institute on October 26.